Speaking and Teaching Events: Past and Present

At conferences in English and Spanish

Forthcoming Engagements

April 2024

Congreso de Especialidades GTA/AVEPA

May 2024

Congreso Vetnoroeste/Colegio Veterinario Pontevedra

June 2024

Congreso Veterinario CVDL, Guayaquil, Ecuador

September 2024

49th World Small Animal Veterinary Association Congress

November 2024

XXIV Congreso Medicina Veterinaria Costa Rica

Previous Speaking Engagements and Participations

February 2024

4th symposium of Neurology by Mederilab Mexico City and Jalisco, Mexico

November 2023

Southern European Veterinary conference, SEVC 23 Barcelona, Spain

September 2023

Congreso Veterinario de Leon, Mexico

September 2023

35th ESVN-ECVN Symposium, Veterinary Neurosurgery: where are we now?Venise, Italy

August 2023

Congreso Veterina rio de Colombia CVDC Pereira, Colombia

April 2023

Congreso de Especialidades Veterinarias Bilbao, Spain

November 2022

XIX Congresso internacional Veterinario Montenegro Porto, Portugal

September 2022

34th ESVN-ECVN Symposium, Spinal cord injury, taking steps forward Mallorca, Spain

November 2021

AVEPA Medicina Felina-Neuro Online

September 2023

33rd ESVN-ECVN Symposium, Pain Location: Online

October 2021

Southern European Veterinary conference, SEVC 23 Location: Online

December 2018

UNESP International Neurology Symposium, Botucatu, Brasil

September 2018

31st ESVN-ECVN Symposium, Copenhagen

June 2017

Annual CSF Disorders Symposium, Providence, USA

April 2016

XXIII Specialty AVEPA /GTA, Zaragoza, Spain

September 2012

25th ESVN-ECVN Symposium, Gent, Belgium

December 2010

L'association Française des Vétérinaires pour Animaux de Compagnie, Paris, France

December 2009

FECAVA+ Eurocongress, Lille, France