Neuronavet is primarily aimed at practising vets or students who would like to expand their knowledge in Veterinary Neurology.

Neuronavet stems from my ane.neuro Instagram that I setup in January 2016 to share my experience in veterinary neurology. From the outset I was surprised at the interest from other vets so  it soon evolved into a learning channel.

In 2017, when I took up a position as an assistant professor in Neurology and Neurosurgery at Tufts University in the US,  it further solidified my passion for education.

A website felt like the next logical step, a way to expand on very visual posts made on Instagram and to hopefully reach a wider audience. Together with my husband, who inspired me to set up the ane.neuro, we hope to develop neuronavet into a useful platform to help veterinarians and students

My teaching philosophy  is what has worked for me and has make all these vets around the world engage to my Instagram: Have fun, learn a little bit everyday and link it to your own cases.

I learn better in a team, with a friend and a little bit of a push (if you feel like it)

Ane nuro


Ane Uriarte, Dip ECVN, MRCVS, DVM, EBVS and RCVS recognized Specialist in Veterinary Neurology

I started my veterinary studies at the University of Zaragoza in Spain. Thanks to an Erasmus grant I was able to spend the last 2 years of my Vet school at the Ecole Veterinarie d’Alfort in Paris. In total I spent 6 years in Paris, finishing my veterinary degree, performing my rotating internship and my 3 years of  supervised European residency in Veterinary Neurology. I obtained my ECVN diploma in 2011 after passing the yearly ECVN exam.

From Paris I moved to London, where I worked in a large referral centre as a neurology and neurosurgery clinician for 8 years. In 2017 I moved to Massachusetts where I worked as an assistant professor in Neurology and Neurosurgery at Tufts University. I spent over 3 years teaching veterinary students, residents in neurology and other specialties and rotating interns as well as continuing my research career.

In 2020 I returned back to London to lead as the head of Service, the Neurology and
Neurosurgery service at Southfields Veterinary Specialist, one of the largest hospitals in Europe. I’ve always enjoyed teaching and I have been very involved in classes, courses, meetings, papers and books publications. Particularly in social media: In 2016 I started my online teaching via my Instagram/facebook/tiktok called Ane.neuro, where I publish daily cases, tricks and quizzes to help veterinarians and animal parents all around the world.


Cliff Brown

I built first my first website in 1999 when the internet was a lot simpler and the site owner did everything, from managing servers to coding, graphic design, marketing and support. As the internet developed I started specialising more in organic traffic and site optimisation.

In 2010 I took on the role as SEO manager responsible for the traffic to 16 multimillion page international websites in the education sector where I returned to after a few years in the US.

One of the great things about the early internet was the positivity and information sharing, a passion I share with Ane. So it made sense to collaborate to help develop a central resource for sharing cases, knowledge and training.

I’m passionate about the web and making websites better. This is a modest start to what we hope to be a useful resource for students and vets interested in learning about veterinary neurology.